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Manitoba provincial election campaign features a familiar slogan - Winnipeg

The Progressive Conservatives have adopted the phrase “Moving Manitoba Forward” in the leadup to the September 10th vote.

It is the exact same phrase the New Democrats used in the 2016 last election.

Erin Selby, a former health minister who is now an NDP spokesperson, says the imitation is a sign the Tories are out of ideas.

Tory Health Minister Cameron Friesen says his party is justified in using the term because it’s making positive changes while the NDP did not.

Manitoba Premier and NDP Leader Greg Selinger checks his sign before speaking to media after asking the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba to call the 2016 provincial election. The slogan on the party’s podium is now being used by the Progressive Conservatives.

John Woods/The Canadian Press

The election campaign is entering its third day and there are already signs of a negative tone.

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The New Democrats have produced two ads in which people complain about the state of health care and roads.

Both ads end with a woman appearing to call Tory Leader Brian Pallister an “ass,” although the word fades out under the noise of traffic.

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