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I Am a Killer: Where is James Robertson now? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

I Am a Killer is available to stream and download on Netflix now. The series first premiered on UK channel Crime and Investigation back in May 2019. Across 10 episodes, 10 different death row inmates are interviewed and viewers learn about their crimes, dark motives and their lives before prison. James Robertson features in the first episode of I Am a Killer titled Means to an End.

Where is James Robertson now?

James Robertson is 54-years-old and is currently on death row in Florida.

He has served 37 years in prison, 20 in solitary confinement (also known as close management) and has so far served five on death row.

Robertson was jailed for 10 years as a teenager in the 1980s for burglary and aggravated assault but after his initial release, he continuously ended up in and out of jail.

In December 2008 while incarcerated at the Charlotte Correctional Institution in Punda Gorda, Florida, Robertson murdered his cellmate Frank Hart and was sentenced to death row four years later.

In 2009, he was charged with Hart’s murder but the death penalty was not an option at the time as his attorney did not specifically request it.

Robertson then hired a new lawyer, demanding execution as his punishment, which took three years to achieve.

Death row was exactly the outcome that James Robertson wanted to get out of solitary confinement.

Speaking in the documentary, Roberton said he “doesn't feel bad about it [killing someone].”

He suggested his time spent in solitary confinement had gotten unbearable and had been part of the reason for killing Hart.

He said: “They just put somebody in the cell, man, and take all of his privileges from him for years and years and years.

“I knew they was going to use any excuse they could to keep me [in solitary confinement]. Any excuse.

“Finally I got mad and I said, 'I'ma go ahead and kill somebody'. It was premeditated.“

By the time Roberston moved to death row, he had accumulated over 100 years of life in prison on his record for aggravated assaults.

In the documentary, Ann Attwell, a staff nurse at the same prison Robertson is being held, explained Robertson preferred death row because there are “less rules”.

She said: “In close management, we deal with a lot of frustration. They sleep most of the day, but if you go by at night…they’re fighting with one another.

“You can hear them, all night long. From the moment that James entered prison, he did not like the rules and regulations of the penal system. He did not like the rules and regulations of close management.

“He did, however, want death row. Their rules and regulations are very, very simple, and he could handle that.”

In the closing moments of the first episode, Robertson revealed he has dropped his appeal to be spared the death penalty, admitting he was “ready to go” and confessed he would rather die by lethal injection than electrocution.

He argued: “I'd much rather have a needle stuck in me than be electrocuted but I could go either way. You read how it's 'inhumane' but that's a load of bulls***. You don't feel anything.“

When asked by the producer how he wanted to be remembered, he said: “somebody who speaks the truth.”

I Am a Killer is streaming on Netflix now.

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