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8 Things to Do With Your Kids in N.Y.C. This Weekend

HONEY WEEKEND at Wave Hill (Aug. 17-18, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.). Don’t be surprised if some of the bees buzzing around this Bronx garden on Saturday and Sunday appear larger and louder than usual. These creatures provide their own kind of sweetness: They’re actually costumed children, who will have made their antennas, wings and pollen cups (pouches on bees’ hind legs) during the family art project that’s a highlight of the annual Honey Weekend. These little visitors can even join a bee dance and parade, and play in a child-size hive. The garden also invites them to try on apiary gear, talk to beekeepers, learn about the insects’ life cycle, make beeswax candles and watch as honey is extracted from a comb. And, yes, everyone can taste honey varieties. (A full schedule is on the website.)
718-549-3200, wavehill.org

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NEW YORK CITY MATH FESTIVAL at Fosun Plaza (Aug. 17, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.). You won’t get any applause for counting on your fingers, but how about for solving a Rubik’s Cube with your toes? Daniel Rose-Levine, a teenager, holds the world record time — 16.96 seconds — for that feat, which he will perform at this free Lower Manhattan event. Presented by the National Museum of Mathematics and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the festival will invite attendees to compete against Rose-Levine at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. (They can use their hands.) The educator John Chase will also demonstrate the physics of juggling, and the married mimes Tim and Tanya Chartier will illustrate concepts like tiling and infinity. To be held rain or shine, this celebration comprises dozens of additional activities, including exploring giant mazes and designing a roller coaster with the program MoMath 2 Go; investigating puzzles and patterns with Math-on-a-Stick, an exhibit from the Minnesota State Fair; and building enormous geometric sculptures with the Korean engineer Ho Gul Park.
212-542-0566, nycmath.momath.org

‘PUSS IN BOOTS’ at the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater (Aug. 16 and 19-22, 10:30 and 11:30 a.m.; Aug. 17-18, 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.; through Oct. 13). “Kinky Boots” may have closed on Broadway, but another musical is still charming its audience with fabulous footwear. Witness the fashion sense of this show’s feline hero, who hopes to put his “best paw forward” in a pair of sumptuous boots. He does exactly that in this City Parks Foundation marionette production, which follows the basic outlines of the classic fairy tale about a wily cat who persuades the local royals that his penniless master is really a wealthy nobleman. Parents will be pleased, however, that in this version Puss kills no fellow animals and has an owner who ultimately proves to be an honest man. Written and directed by Douglas Strich (also the theater’s resident puppet designer), with music and lyrics by Emily Fellner Zeig, this cheerful adaptation even dresses its book-loving princess in some cool boots of her own.
212-639-1697, cityparksfoundation.org

REBEL VERSES YOUTH ARTS FESTIVAL at the Vineyard Theater (Aug. 15-17, 7 p.m.). These adolescent rebels definitely have a cause: to perform their original work onstage, to network with one another and to learn from theater professionals. Those are the goals of this Manhattan festival, which Developing Artists and the Vineyard Theater present each year as a symposium and showcase for creative troupes. In addition to the organizers’ own youth ensembles, this second week features Girl Be Heard, Loco-Motion Dance Theater for Children, the MCC Theater Youth Company and Poetesses. Addressing the complex realities of teenage life, the festival also offers performances by adult actors, including Tina Fabrique (“Ragtime”), Brandon Victor Dixon (“Hamilton”) and Joe Morton (“Scandal”). (Tickets are very limited; the box office will have a waiting list if shows sell out.)
212-353-0303, vineyardtheatre.org

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