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What is GATT 24: What is the WTO clause at the centre of Andrew Neil's grilling of Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson was taken to task by the BBC’s Andrew Neil over his knowledge of GA​TT 24 – the clause in WTO rules he believes could allow the UK to continue to trade freely with the EU in a no deal scenario.

In a heated debate between the veteran presenter and the prospective Prime Minister aired on Friday, Mr Johnson said: “It might be possible, and I accept this has to be done by mutual agreement, but it might be possible for instance as we come out to agree under GATT 24 paragraph 5b that both sides agree to a standstill, a protraction of their existing zero tariff, zero quota arrangements until such time as we do a free trade deal. That would be one way forward and I think that would be very attractive.”

However he struggled when asked by Mr Neil “how would you handle paragraph 5c” – initially saying he would “confide entirely in paragraph 5b” before admitting he did not know what was in paragraph 5c.

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