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Trump calls on Congress to ratify CUSMA immediately - National

U.S. President Donald Trump is calling on Congress to pass a new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico and send it to his desk immediately.

He says, “We shouldn’t be playing around.”

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Trump is lobbying for passage of the Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement at Derco Aerospace Inc., in Milwaukee. He is on his sixth visit to the state since taking office.

Trump worries that passage of the agreement could get less likely with time, saying, “it gets more and more political because we get closer and closer to the election.”

Trump says passage of the bill implementing CUSMA would show Congress is doing something other than “wasting time on the witch hunt.”

Passage is anything but certain. House Democrats want to strengthen enforcement of the agreement’s labour and environmental obligations.

WATCH: White House says Congress should ratify on USMCA


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