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Keeping Faith season 2: Viewers notice ‘Dave coaches’ as a judge in court with Faith | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

Keeping Faith returned to BBC One tonight with the second episode in the second series as Faith Howells (played by Eve Myles) appeared in court to represent Madlen Vaughan (Amie-Ffion Edwards). 

The farmer rang Howells’ solicitors office from prison and explained how her solicitor was encouraging her to plead guilty for the murder of her husband. 

Unable to turn her away, Faith and Cerys Jones (Hannah Daniel) decided to take the case on, determined to convince the jury she was innocent. 

But during the court scenes, viewers were distracted when a familiar face turned up. 

“My Lord, before we proceed with the next witness, the defence would like to recall Mr. Maddox Jones on a point of clarification?” Faith asked the judge. 

“Unless you have a specific objection?” The judge (Steffan Rhodri) asked the prosecution barrister. 

Viewers then saw Mr. Jones take to the stand and Faith asked him about Madlen and her experience with a gun. 

It was when conversation turned to the statement Madlen had been heard saying when The judge spoke again. 

“Mrs Vaughan was repeatedly yelling ‘who is she?’ Mr Jones’ evidence is evidence only of the words spoken by Mrs Vaughan not of what she may have meant when she yelled ‘who is she?’” He told the jury and courtroom. 

In the next scene, it was the turn of Tom Howells (Aneirin Hughes) to take the stand and be cross-examined. 

“Was he intending to leave his wife? Then what advice did he want specifically?” The judge asked. 

BBC One viewers then noticed the actor who was playing the legal professional and took to Twitter to discuss. 

One said: “Good grief, Dave Coaches is the judge #KeepingFaith #GavinAndStacey.” 

“Dave Coaches has gone up in the world #KeepingFatih,” a second remarked while someone else commented: “His Honour Judge Dave Coaches #KeepingFaith.” 

“Does anyone else find it difficult to take Dave Coaches seriously as a judge? #KeepingFaith,” another added online. 

While one tweet read: “#KeepingFaith Watching the judge info Keeping Faith I’m expecting Nessa to pop her head up and say… 'What’s occurring?'”

The actor, Steffan, is well known for his role in BBC Three’s hit sitcom Gavin and Stacey, where he plays Nessa’s love interest Dave Coaches. 

It comes after last week’s episode when those watching at home noticed a big change to Faith’s appearance. 

Famously known for her bright yellow raincoat, this series, a more sophisticated designer cobalt blue coat was being worn. 

Keeping Faith returns to BBC One next Tuesday at 9pm, or season one and two are available to watch on the BBC iPlayer now. 

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