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Love Island 2019 Maura Higgins body language reveals plan says expert | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Maura, 28, arrived alongside fellow Love Island newcomer Elma Pazar, 26, at the end of Wednesday night’s instalment of the ITV reality show.

Tasked with choosing three boys each to cook for them, Maura immediately hit it off with young boxer, Tommy, 20, who had previously been showing an interest in social media influencer Molly-Mae, 20.

The aftermath culminated in an explosive confrontation between Molly-Mae and Tommy last night as the islander was left reeling at the prospect of loosing the boxer to Maura.

As last night’s episode heavily focussed on the newcomers’ arrival and them meeting the other girls in the villa, one body language expert has suggested Maura has a plan in sight to shake things up between the established couples.

Analysing both Maura and Tommy’s body language during their date, expert Judi James said: “She is absolutely industrial strength, she doesn’t even flirt she cuts through that. It’s just do you want me or not, basically?”

The expert continued in reference to Tommy’s previous interest in Molly-Mae and Maura’s possibly intentions: “She’s obviously gone in there to be a little irritant and to shake it all up because they were coupling up.

“It was going to get incredibly boring. It was literally going to be Love Island rather than fight and have sex under the duvet Island which we know and love.

“So I think she probably knows she’s been sent in there to stir things up and she was very good at it, very direct.”

However, Judi did state Tommy and Maura’s lust for one another does seem real despite the rift it has caused with Molly-Mae.

“They clearly do fancy one another.”

Judi continued to Metro.co.uk: “Superficial it might be, but clearly there’s physical attraction there and I believed her because she then went back to Elma and said ‘I’d love to scream his name’.”

Speaking of the chemistry between Tommy and Maura, Judi said: “Lots of eye contact from her and I think in a way and it was quite good to see he’s obviously the big alpha, desirable flirt in there but she absolutely got him at his own game.

“It’s his game now,” Judi added, before suggesting: “She may have scared him off. That would be quite interesting.”

Meanwhile, Curtis Pritchard, 23, and his partner Amy Hart, 27, are still storming ahead as the potential winning couple.

A curve ball could be set to derail their blossoming romance however, as last night’s episode saw Curtis confess to Danny Williams, 21, he had messaged Maura on social media earlier this year.

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