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What Is Actually Happening With Britney Spears?

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Spears’s mother recently involved herself in the case, requesting that a lawyer appear on her behalf at a status hearing on May 10, according to court documents. CNN, citing two anonymous sources close to the singer, reported that at the hearing Spears asked the judge to consider ending the conservatorship.

As the hearing proceeded, fans representing the #FreeBritney campaign marched outside the courtroom with protest signs that seconded that request.

A court-approved conservatorship, known in other states as a guardianship, is typically used to protect the elderly, the mentally disabled or the extremely ill. This arrangement means that Spears cannot make personal or financial decisions without the oversight of her father.

The details of Spears’s conservatorship have not been made public, nor has her mental condition or diagnosis. But based on the arrangement, Spears’s financial and personal lives, including her health, have long been overseen by two people appointed as her conservators — her father, and, until recently, a lawyer, Andrew M. Wallet. They are required to submit accountings of her finances to the court, down to the minor expenses she makes at places like Mrs. Fields, Sonic and Six Flags Magic Mountain (she has two young sons, remember). The idea is to safeguard her fortune that she has earned but does not control.

The lawyer, Wallet, resigned as a co-conservator last year and no one has been appointed to replace him. That leaves Jamie Spears, whose health had been a recent concern, as the sole conservator. In addition, the court appointed another lawyer, Samuel D. Ingham III, who reviews the actions of the conservatorship as an independent advocate for Spears to ensure there is no exploitation of her money or other abuses of power.

At the May 10 court hearing, Judge Brenda Penny ordered an expert evaluation of the case, likely in response to Spears’s reported request that it end. Some have speculated that the evaluation Judge Penny ordered will include a psychological assessment of Spears, but court documents do not specify the nature of the evaluation.

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