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Lucifer season 4: Who plays Eve in Lucifer? Who is Inbar Lavi? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Season four of Lucifer is going to see a shake-up when the eponymous lead (played by Tom Ellis) is confronted by a blast from the past when his ex-girlfriend Eve (Inbar Lavi) turns up. The character will certainly turn Lucifer Morningstar’s head as he struggles to deal with homicide detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) rejecting him. However, Eve could well have an underlying motive that could spell trouble for the devil.

Eve was introduced in the season four trailer after she appears at Lucifer’s nightclub Lux as he is drowning his heartbreak in drink and debauchery.

The character will be making waves as Lucifer starts bringing her along to homicide crime scenes he’s assisting with.

Eve is going to be causing some friction, particularly with Chloe who is still getting grips with Lucifer being the devil.

However, the character will have a darker side to her when a voice in the trailer warns: “When the devil finds his first love, evil shall be released.”


This suggests Eve will be turning the tables on Lucifer and tempting him back to hell with her love.

Eve could also be working for Lucifer’s father God, who has been trying to get his fallen angel son to return to lord over the underworld.

There are also suggestions this could form the climax to the finale with Eve sending Lucifer back to hell when he falls back in love with her.


Who is Lucifer star Inbar Lavi?

Inbar Lavi is an Israeli actress who is best known for her role in MTV series Underemployed.

The 32-year-old star has also featured in FOX series Gang Related, Prison Break and Imposters on Bravo.

Lavi’s other credits include parts in The Last Ship, CSI: Miami, Sons of Anarchy and For The Love of Money.

Her role as Eve is her biggest part to date and is likely to bring her to global attention as she portrays the original sinner.

In an interview with The Mary Sue, Lavi explained why Eve was back in the picture, saying she’d grown bored of her life in heaven.


“She’s looking for that passion again, that fire,” she said. “Whatever that feeling was that Lucifer jumpstarted way back in the day. And so she’s coming down to earth to get another taste.”

On how Eve felt towards Lucifer, she said: “Obviously she finds him very exciting and very exhilarating, just like anything that’s a little bit unpredictable and maybe even a little bit naughty and forbidden.”

She went on to say: “My biggest lesson from Eve is compassion. She’s someone who has been damned for making the biggest mistake.

“Because of that, she is able to forgive easily and accept easily and let go, because she understands nothing really comes from evil.”

Lavi bagged the role without having to audition after one of the writers on Lucifer had seen her in Imposters and penned the part with her in mind.

Lucifer season 4 is streaming on Netflix now

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