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Game of Thrones ending: PROOF Sansa Stark will win the Iron Throne? | Books | Entertainment

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WARNING SPOILERS FOR THE BELLS AHEAD. A lot went down in the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, with Daenerys successfully conquering King’s Landing. However, there’ s a big problem for her in that Jon Snow is the rightful heir to the throne. Now knowing George RR Martin shared unfinished books The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring’s major plot points with the Game of Thrones showrunners, the TV show will end with the same person on the Iron Throne as he intends for the books.

And from an amazing theory posted almost two years ago, it really does look like Sansa Stark will rule the seven kingdoms.

Digital Spy point out how both Jon and Dany – who are now the two main contenders as Targaryens for the Iron Throne – constantly make bad decisions.

And if one of them is Azor Ahai as foretold, then at least one of them will die, if not both.

It’s no coincidence that the other two favourites to rule Westeros are Bran and Sansa Stark.

But really we reckon with Arya or Bran will rule the North and Sansa will take the Iron Throne and here’s why.

Back to the theory and fans know that much of Game of Thrones is inspired by English medieval history, like the War of Roses.

Digital Spy point out how similar Robert Baratheon is to Henry VIII, who was followed by his son – the boy king – Edward VI (Joffrey and Tommen), before being replaced by Bloody Mary (Cersei).

And who followed? None other than a young redhead, Elizabeth I, who went on to rule her golden age.

With this in mind, is it possible then that Sansa will take the throne with Tyrion?

After all, the two are legally married and have been uninterested in taking the throne for themselves.

Although let’s not forget that Sansa teased an interest at the end of Episode 4 and is warming up to Tyrion.

With this in mind, perhaps he will be the new hand to Queen Sansa?

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