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Vikings season 6 spoilers: Bjorn’s season cliffhanger vision explained? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Vikings will see its sixth and final season release sometime this year.

Although the show’s release date has not yet been announced fans are diligently working towards working out what is going to happen next on the History channel show.

And during a rewatch of season five some viewers have begun working out exactly what Bjorn (played by Alexander Ludwig) wants from his people in the upcoming sixth season.

Fans will remember the final episodes of season five saw Bjorn becoming the King of Kattegat after a long journey.

But he was almost instantly plagued by a vision from the Seer in which he saw the citizens of Kattegat slaughtered as he held a bloody sword.

One fan on Reddit began theorising over this vision, and explained: “At one point he is holding the sword while the others are cheering, and the moment after the sword is full of blood and everyone around him is dead.

“What do you think is the meaning of this scene? Is he afraid of power and what it can bring around him (death)?

“Is that why he is thinking about Ragnar’s words regarding power? What is your opinion?”

While Ragnar Lothbrok’s (Travis Fimmel) power certainly contributed towards his untimely death, could this vision simply be Bjorn’s fear of killing those closest around him?

Ragnar was never truly the nicest leader in the Viking world - but Bjorn has a chance to be his own version.

But with his brother, Ivar the Boneless (Alexander Hogh Andersen), ready to emerge at any moment as the brand new antagonist of the show, Bjorn may have a huge war on his hands.

Meanwhile another fan of the show wrote on the Reddit post to explain the vision.

They simply wrote: “It's symbolism. It shows the amount of bloodshed and death that was required for him to take the throne.

“He finally understands Ragnar's words about the danger of power, and how you have to lower yourself to pick it up.”

Fans of the show have also been theorising the return of Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård).

While it has already been revealed Floki is not truly dead, fans of the show have become convinced he will return as the new Seer in Kattegat.

One explained on Reddit: “There's a popular theory going around that Floki will become the new Seer because of his dedication to the gods.

“But also his storyline really has nowhere else to go other than his death in the cave lmao.

“The Seer often described his state of life as a curse, as he can't die and must see the fates of those who come to him. Maybe when one Seer ‘dies’ (or his body is destroyed), the curse is passed onto another? That would be cool to see.”

Vikings season 6 is expected to return to History Channel and Amazon Prime Video later this year.

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