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The Chase: Bradley Walsh hits out after three failed pushback attempts | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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The Chase fans saw an impeccable game this evening as the final three contestants, Ruth, Wayne, and Dave, made it to the final chase.

But Bradley Walsh struggled to keep his cool during the final run for the team.

The trio managed to gain 14 steps in the final chase, forcing chaser Shaun Wallace to follow their lead.

And it looked good for the team as Shaun continued to get questions wrong - allowing Bradley’s team to provide some pushbacks.

But they simply couldn’t do it, as they continued to answer the pushback questions wrong as well.

Finally, after three wrong answers, the team managed to answer the fourth pushback correctly.

And Bradley was elated as he yelled: “At last! A pushback!”

This was enough to spur the team on, allowing them to achieve a further two pushbacks.

Fans of the show were equally as relieved by their performance, prompting them to post on Twitter.

One wrote: “Phew #TheChase.”

While another added: “Well played chaps and chapesses. #TheChase.”

Unfortunately the three pushbacks weren’t enough to beat Shaun in the final chase after all.

After Shaun defeated the team he announced: “What a class act those three are.

“Unlucky Wayne, Ruth, Dangerous Dave.”

Yesterday’s edition of the Chase saw Bradley apologising to one of his contestants after a strange confusion.

His guest explained he would like to buy an All Saints jacket with his winnings, however Bradley wasn’t sure what that was.

He inquired: “Is that the pop group All Saints?”

To which the guest smirked, and replied that it was a fashion brand.

Bradley went on to apologise, saying: “I thought it was a bit of pop memorabilia! Sorry, my mistake. Sorry, fair enough.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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