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The Bay on ITV spoilers: Where is Holly Meredith? Did she kill Dylan? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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The Bay on ITV has offered many suspects for the murder of Dylan Meredith, but the latest is his own sister Holly (played by Darci Shaw). Holly Meredith’s blood was found under Dylan’s fingernails at the end of The Bay episode three, making her a suspect. In the ITV show, however, Holly is missing, leaving fans of The Bay to wonder where Holly is and whether she killed her brother Dylan.

Where is Holly Meredith in The Bay?

The last time we saw Holly in The Bay, she was buying tickets to Manchester, suggesting she could be hiding out in the city.

However, it is likely that she will be tracked down by Lisa Armstrong (Morven Christie) and Tony Manning (Daniel Ryan) in tonight’s (Wednesday, April 10) episode, which airs at 9pm on ITV.

Holly is listed in the cast of tonight’s episode in the Radio Times, suggesting the police will be able to track her down.

Then we might finally get some answers about her link with Ryan Foley (Phillip Hill-Pearson), a friend of the family who, it was revealed last week, gave the family £8,000.


He was also at the train station with Holly when she left for Manchester, so the pair clearly have an unexplained bond.

One person who might help the police track down Holly could be Nick Mooney (Matthew McNulty), who in the last episode revealed that he was keeping a big secret.

However, Sean’s (Jonas Armstrong) interrogation/beating has left Nick unconscious, so he might be unable to help.

Then again, tonight’s synopsis says: “Nick might have vital information about Holly and Dylan,” suggesting he might be able to offer some assistance.


Did Holly kill Dylan in The Bay?

We do not know yet whether Holly killed her brother, but she is currently a suspect.

The cliffhanger ending on last week’s The Bay saw Holly under investigation for his murder when they found her blood under his nails.

However, until the police get to talk to her, it is difficult to know what her involvement is in the crime.

People on Twitter certainly think that Holly might have killed Dylan.

One fan of The Bay wrote: “So here's my theory for #TheBay missing girl twin actually murdered the boy, she's in hiding because she knows what shes done” [sic]


However, at an event attended by, Sean Meredith actor Jonas Armstrong seemed to suggest that a member of the Meredith family was not to blame for Dylan’s death.

When asked whether knowing the identity of the killer changed the way that Jonas played Sean, he said that it had not.

This seems to suggest that the murderer is not someone close to Sean like a family member or his close friend Ryan.

However, he also teased that: “Our stories have probably come to a final conclusion” by the end of the season, suggesting there might be more bad news around the corner for the Meredith.

The Bay continues tonight at 9pm on ITV

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