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Pointless Celebrities: Richard Osman stunned by audience slip-up | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Pointless Celebrities saw the arrival of eight comedians this evening, hosted by Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong.

The collection included American comic Rich Hall, who seemed to receive some help from the audience.

As the final member of the show to answer a question regarding box office films, Rich went through the potential answers.

Sounding out what he thought was correct he said: “Rocky… Godfather… American Beauty…

“And I’m not sure about the last one. I think it might be The Pianist but I’m pretty sure it’s not.

“Judging from the… I got something from the audience there which told me.”

Richard couldn’t help but laugh at the audience’s slip up.

Resolute in his final answer Rich answered American Beauty.

Luckily for Rich, The Pianist was not a correct answer and would have sent him home - as the correct answer was The Artist.

Rich, alongside his partner Sara Pascoe, made it to the next round, but ultimately didn’t win.

Later on in the episode host Richard pointed out the peculiar way the scores were presented.

He said: “I love the way this is exactly like an Olympic podium now.

“It’s nice isn’t it? Look at that: One, two, three - how nice is that?”

Alexander replied stunned: “Great scoring there, everybody!”

The low scores seemed to stun fans as well, as they began pointing out the numbers on Twitter.

One wrote: “I think that's the lowest scoring round I've ever seen on this show #pointlesscelebrities.”

Another said: “That's got to be one of if not the lowest losing score ever #PointlessCelebrities.”

A third added: “Best round of Pointless I've ever seen. Losers leaving on 5pts #PointlessCelebrities.”

Another even asked Richard Osman his opinion, inquiring: “Lowest scoring round ever @richardosman?! #pointless #pointlesscelebrities.”

Pointless Celebrities airs Saturdays at 6.20pm on BBC One.


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