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Line of Duty season 5 spoilers: Fans see ‘H’ spelling mistake on laptop | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Line of Duty returned to BBC One tonight with episode three of the gripping police drama. 

However, minutes into the show airing those watching at home noticed a major error on screen and some even went as far as considering it as a clue. 

John Compston (Stephen Graham) was interrupted by Lisa McQueen (Rochenda Sandall) suggested ‘H’ was ready to talk. 

Walking through to another room, Lisa fired up the laptop and ‘H’ was online ready to send the next orders through.

The first message came up reading: “UNKNOWN: Eastfield Depot is definately high risk.” 

Taking to Twitter, many noticed the spelling mistake of ‘definately’ and how an ‘a’ was written instead of an ‘I’. 

One said: “They spelled definitely wrong! #LineOfDuty,” whilst another added: “So we have established that H can't spell #LineOfDuty.” 

“DefinAtely on secret #LineOfDuty laptop!!! Is this a clue?!” Someone suggested. 

“In the west of Scotland 'definately' is very common. Is that a clue? Or just shit spelling? #LineOfDuty #LOD,” another viewer remarked. 

One Tweet read: “That definately typo was definitely intended. A clue to the identity later on I'm sure. #LineOfDuty.” 

Following the first message, the rest of the conversation read: “UNKNOWN: What I need to know is if it’s high enough reward.” 

And John replied verbally: “Yes definitely. There’s drugs, probably double figures, cash, jewellery, another set of double figures. Look we’re talking millions. As far as the risk goes, we can minimise that aspect by using your assets; bent coppers. 

‘H’ then typed: “It’s on” before giving Lisa her instructions and then logging off. 

Turning to Lisa, John asked: “Who is it Lisa? Who am I giving all this info to? H?” 

“The truth is, I don’t know John,” she clarified. “For my own good I plan to keep it that way.” 

Could viewers be right in suggesting the spelling mistake was intentional? 

This could also lead to thinking the letter 'H' does not represent someone's name beginning with H and instead 'A' could be a clue. 

Next week’s episode is going to see tension rise in the OCG (Organised Crime Gang) following the events at Eastfield. 

With questions still hanging around the mysterious identity of ‘H’, suspicions start to mouth among the AC-12 team as everyone is on edge. 

Line of Duty returns to BBC One next Sunday at 9pm. 

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