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John Oliver Gets Hollywood's Biggest Stars To Taunt Purdue Over Opioid Crisis

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John Oliver is trying to taunt the Sackler family into coming out of hiding.

The “Last Week Tonight” host said the family loves to use the wealth its gathered from Purdue Pharma, a major opioid manufacturer, to put its name on things including museums and galleries. 

“Not bad for a family whose very name sounds like a Hamburglar-like villain that steals testicles,” he said. ”‘Oh no! The Sackler came in the middle of the night and now my penis is shivering!’” 

Oliver said that while the Sacklers like putting their names on things, “they’ve been miraculously good” at keeping it off the opioid crisis. 

But he’s trying to change that. 

He recruited Michael Keaton, Bryan Cranston, Michael K. Williams and Richard Kind to read court documents to help drive home some of the statements made by the otherwise press-shy family. 

And he’s put the family name on a website containing even more clips of the actors reading from those same documents: SacklerGallery.com

“They love having their names on fucking galleries,” he said. 

Check out his full takedown here: 

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