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Jimmy Fallon Parodies Pete Buttigieg, ‘the Boy Who Became Mayor’

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Jimmy Fallon roasted Pete Buttigieg, the 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Ind., after he kicked off his campaign for president on Sunday. Buttigieg — who has surged in the polls over the past few weeks — is the youngest candidate in the race, and he would be the youngest president in U.S. history.

Fallon interrupted his monologue to give an impersonation of Buttigieg, slicking down his hair, rolling up the sleeves of his starched white shirt, and pitching his voice up just a notch. Mostly, he poked fun at the mayor for being wet behind the ears.

“By age 14, I knew I wanted to be president of the United States. And, boy, the two years since have just flown by.” — JIMMY FALLON, impersonating Buttigieg

“I’m a Rhodes scholar, a lieutenant in the United States Navy, and the two smartest kids in the world stacked on top of each other.” — JIMMY FALLON, impersonating Buttigieg

“Nowadays, most of you recognize me from the rallying cries of hope and unity that I’ve stirred across the nation. But the rest of you know me from my hit series ‘The Boy Who Became Mayor,’ only on Disney Channel.” — JIMMY FALLON, impersonating Buttigieg

Most jokes about Buttigieg have to do with his mouthful of a surname. But in his monologue, Jimmy Kimmel joked that his first name doesn’t sound very presidential, either.

“He would be our first openly gay president, and our first President Pete! Which sounds like a movie where Kevin James winds up in the White House, right?” — JIMMY KIMMEL

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