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James McAvoy Spoofs 'Virgin Hunk' Bachelor Colton Underwood On 'SNL'

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The “Glass” star — who made his debut as “SNL” host — played the wooden “Dolton” in the comedy version of the looking-for-love reality program, called “Virgin Hunk.” Every “SNL” female cast member “auditioned” for a spot in Dolton’s ... heart.

“There are a few reasons why I could be a virgin so just pick one and go with that. I’m ready to find love with one of these randos,” McAvoy’s Dolton declared with a rose for some lucky lady.

The cast members all mocked various aspects of the series, constantly telling the bachelor they missed him, even though they just saw him. “Hi, it’s me from before but more drunk,” quipped Aidy Bryant.

There have been two beauty-pageant winners on the actual program. On the “SNL” version, Miss Vagina is mistaken by Dolton as “Miss Virginia.”

Check out what Dolton gets up to at the Medieval Times festival in the video.

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