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Ellie Goulding Twitter: Singer HITS OUT at ‘patronising’ Sky News host Jayne Secker | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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Ellie Goulding, 32, informed her 6.97 million Twitter followers she was unimpressed with Sky News anchor Jayne Secker, 47, who interviewed Kirsty Archer about renting in London.

The latter called the journalist, also a landlord, “patronising” after she insisted many young people “don't really know how to do a great deal in homes”.

The hitmaker later shared the video online, commenting: “This is pretty unacceptable... who is this presenter @SkyNews?!”

One user commented: “Excuse me can you explain what she said? I didn't understand.”

Ellie replied: “She used what could have been an informative interview as a chance to moan about her tenants, and was incredibly patronising suggesting people who can’t afford the rent perhaps don’t deserve to because they can’t change lightbulbs.”

During the interview, Kirsty expressed her views on the cost of renting in London after being given a two-month eviction notice to leave her rented home.

She began: “The issue is with two months… in London at the moment it’s really hard to find somewhere. It’s really expensive on average it costs about £2,000.”

Jayne interrupted Kirsty, adding: “But that's not the landlord's fault, is it? That's just the housing market. The landlord would have the same issue if you decided to move out in two months.”

Kirsty went on to say renting is a “systemic problem”, adding: “£2,000 is a lot of money, why do we have to raise that for doing absolutely nothing wrong?

“Why should it be so hard for us to live secure lives? We can’t afford to buy property, we have to rent.”

In response, Jayne laid out issues she has had as a landlady with young tenants, prompting Kirsty to call her comment “patronising”.

Jayne replied: “I suppose some would say, and I am speaking as someone who has rented flats and who also rents flats out, that especially with the younger generation, you very often find that the younger tenants don't really know how to do a great deal in homes.

“I, for example, have had tenants complaining that lights have popped because they don't know how to change lightbulbs. I've had tenants complain about heating... and they haven't turned the boiler on. It's just very obvious things.

“Do you think you've found amongst your friends, perhaps, that you're aren't equipped with the necessary skills to rent?”

Kirsty hesitantly replied: “I mean yeah, that’s a bit patronising really.

“We weren't complaining about how to change a lightbulb, those are easy things to fix. If a landlord was getting p****d off by that surely the reasonable thing to do is communicate.

“Why should the consequence of that be them hitting the eject button and turning your lives upside down because of that?”

Jayne ended the interview and apologised to viewers for Kirsty’s swearing.

Following their chat, the interview swiftly went viral, prompting many social media users to comment.

One user wrote: “I didn’t tweet about this earlier cos it made me so furious I wanted to ignore it.

“But I can’t stop thinking about how horrific this presenter’s behaviour is. The only thing offensive about this segment is her.”

A second commented: “I don’t think Kirsty’s language is what the network should be apologising for.”

Jayne has since taken to Twitter telling her 14,000 followers she got “the tone” of the interview wrong.

She commented: “Clearly yesterday I got the tone and content of an interview wrong and it has upset many people.

“I am sure many of us will have made a mistake at work - unfortunate for me mine is a lot more public than most.

“Please be assured I have taken the many comments on board. Mea culpa.”

Ellie shared the Sky presenter’s tweet, writing: “No apology.”

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