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Confirm or Deny: Sam Rockwell

Category: Art & Culture,Theater

Maureen Dowd: You can lasso a moving target from 12 to 15 feet away.

Sam Rockwell: Confirm.

James Brown was your biggest inspiration as a dancer.

That’s true, yeah.

Christian Bale threw a chair at you while filming “Vice.”

I wish that was true. That would be funny.

Christian Bale is scarier than Dick Cheney.

Not at all.

You speak with Crispin Glover almost every day.

I wish that was true.

Frances McDormand terrifies you.

No. She’s tough and soft at the same time.

As a native San Franciscan, “Vertigo” is your favorite Hitchcock film.

Maybe “North by Northwest” or “Psycho.”

You once faced up against Justin Timberlake in a dance-off in a club in West Hollywood and won.

In my dreams.

You’d like to curate a film series at the Metrograph of your favorite 1970s cinema.


You don’t want to live in L.A.

Yeah, it’s celebrity-crazy. It’s tough when you’re a struggling actor. There are some good spots there. I like L.A. sometimes. But it’s a lot.

You dated Drew Barrymore, your co-star in “Charlie’s Angels.”

No, we didn’t date. She dated a friend of mine, Justin Long. I set them up.

You still feel guilty for shooting Barrymore out of that window.


You liked being described in New York magazine as “lemurlike.”

[Looking at a phone to see what a lemur looks like] I don’t know. They look kind of sneaky.

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