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Connie Beauchamp (played by Amanda Mealing) has been a vital part of Casualty for many years now.

Fans will be sorry to hear that the actress will be taking a break from the hospital-based BBC soap.

Amanda had already seemed to confirm her exit from the soap over the weekend when she posted a video on Twitter.

In the video, she shut the door of her dressing room, and captioned it: "The last out turns the lights off. @BBCCasualty it's been emotional."

The BBC has since confirmed that Amanda will be taking a break from the show for a while.

Yet, they were keen to highlight that she would be returning to the show in the future.

"As is common with long-running cast members, Amanda is taking a well-deserved break from filming with Casualty and will return in the Autumn," a BBC spokesperson told Digital Spy.

The character’s been battling post-traumatic stress disorder after having been pushed down the stairs and then brutally beaten.

These scenes aired earlier this year, and Saturday’s episode saw Connie meet her attacker in the flesh yet again.

The dramatic scenes revealed that Bill Danes was the person behind the horrid attack, and that he did so because he blamed the doctor for his wife’s death.

She then bravely confronted him about it, he is very quickly arrested after confessing to the crime.

Amanda recently opened up about her character’s storyline, and said: "Connie finally has the answer that's kept her awake for weeks – but to stand in front of her attacker is terrifying.

“Unfortunately, it doesn't give her the relief she's been looking for, and she turns to self-medication to block out the fear."

She added: "Connie didn't seek help throughout this – she did what she always does and tried to deal with it herself.

"Anyone enduring this type of anxiety should seek help from a mental health professional. It can't be dealt with by ignoring the problem or self-medicating."

Meanwhile, viewers will be shocked when Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson) turns violent.

It had previously been revealed Charlie would begin to suffer under the immense pressure and responsibility he feels towards his estranged wife Duffy (Cathy Shipton) following her vascular dementia diagnosis.

And while he has initially kept her condition a secret from those he is working with, it all gets too much, and the head nurse will snap at one of his colleagues.

While this initially seems reconcilable, things get taken further when a staff nurse David Hide (Jason Durr) gets involved.

Casualty returns Saturday at 8:25pm on BBC One.

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