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90 New Cases of Measles Reported as Outbreak Continues at Record Pace

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The number of new measles cases in the United States rose again this month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Monday, bringing the total number to 555 in 2019. This year’s outbreak is on course to be the worst since measles was eliminated as an endemic disease in 2000.

Health authorities reported 90 additional cases as of April 11, with outbreaks in New York, Washington, California, New Jersey and Michigan. Those cases were largely linked to travelers returning from countries seeing outbreaks of their own, including Israel, Ukraine and the Philippines.

The measles virus was eliminated as an endemic disease in 2000.CreditUniversal Images Group

The disease then spread through populations in which large numbers of people are unvaccinated, the C.D.C. said.

The number of new cases has been climbing each week, according to the agency’s numbers. There were 90 new cases last week, up from 78 the week before.

During the last major outbreak, in 2014, there were 667 cases during the whole year.

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