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What To Watch On Amazon Prime This Week (March 10-16)

Category: Entertainment,TV

Sum up: The end of “Catastrophe” — one of Amazon’s first beloved original series — certainly feels like the closing of an era. Amazon has been pivoting from small-budget, character-focused shows like this to more ambitious projects like “Homecoming” and the upcoming “Lord of the Rings” series. “Catastrophe” hit a sweet spot of being crowd-pleasing as well as critically adored. Horgan and Delaney are simply super-funny people, and having them both fight and love each other is a good formula to create compelling scenes.

Heads up: The show has a goofy comedic sensibility that may be polarizing. And as mentioned, the show is coming to an end, so if you fall in love with these new episodes, you’ll have to quickly say goodbye to the characters.

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