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Vietnamese Woman to Face Trial Alone in Killing of Kim Jong-un’s Brother

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Three other North Korean men who were also believed to be involved took refuge in North Korea’s embassy in Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital. They were later allowed to leave Malaysia in exchange for nine Malaysian diplomats and family members who had been prevented from leaving North Korea.

Kim Jong-un was widely believed to have ordered the killing of his half brother, from whom he was estranged, to eliminate a potential rival.

Ms. Doan had been scheduled to testify this week, but the judge in the case, Azmi Ariffin, agreed with the defense that she was in no shape to take the stand after the events of recent days. He set the next hearing for April 1.

President Joko, who is up for re-election next month, and top officials in his government had long worked behind the scenes for Ms. Siti’s release.

Hours after Ms. Siti was freed on Monday, Indonesia’s ambassador to Malaysia, Rusdi Karana, flew her to Jakarta, the country’s capital, on his private jet. The next day, she met Mr. Joko, who welcomed her home during a well-publicized event and suggested that she not leave the country anytime soon.

“Doan told us she is happy that Siti is back home and she wants the same treatment,” Mr. Teh said.

The Vietnamese government, in contrast, was slow to take up Ms. Doan’s case. On Tuesday, the Vietnamese foreign minister, Pham Binh Minh, called his Malaysian counterpart, Saifuddin Abdullah, to ask for her release.

Mr. Teh said that diplomatic efforts by the Vietnamese government to free Ms. Doan would continue and that he would file another legal application for her release.

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