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The Walking Dead season 9 spoilers: Michonne's future revealed after exit? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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The Walking Dead season nine is currently in full swing and fans are looking forward to finding out what will happen next in the AMC show.

A lot has changed on the show since the introduction of The Whisperers this season who have proven to be a real nuisance and quite a scary one.

Their introduction has also led to some high-profile exits such as Tom Payne’s Jesus, who was the first of the Hilltop Colony to fall victim to the show’s new villains.

His departure came after Rick's (played by Andrew Lincoln) in season nine, which was quickly followed by Maggie Rhee's (Lauren Cohan) departure.

Now, it has been revealed Michonne (Danai Gurira) will be leaving the main show and fans believe they have worked out her fate.

In a recent poll conducted by, viewers of the show felt that Michonne would end up joining Rick in his upcoming movies.

After his exit from the main show, it was revealed Rick would star in a movie trilogy which would air on AMC.

According to’s poll, 37 per cent of fans now believe that Michonne will join Rick in these movies.

However, 27 per cent thought she would be killed off, which given how dangerous The Whisperers have already proven themselves to be, could very easily happen.

A further 23 per cent of voters think that Michonne will start a new colony.

If this were to happen, it would be mimicking her actions in the comics, where Michonne vanishes for a while, only to return having built a new colony.

This would be an interesting turn of events for the character, and it seems as though fans believe this is more likely than her turning into a walker.

Only 13 per cent of voters thought the machete-wielding character would end up being turned into a zombie, which would be a terrible way for her to go out.

Fans will have to wait and see until season ten eventually does come around to see what happens with Michonne.

Meanwhile, in another poll conducted by, fans felt that Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) was the most likely to become the next leader of the Hilltop Colony.

30 per cent of voters chose Daryl, however, he was closely followed by Aaron (Ross Marquand) who had 29 per cent of the vote.

Judith Grimes (Cailey Fleming) came in third place with 22 per cent of the vote, and she was closely followed by Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who was viewers’ least favourite to become the next leader of the Hilltop Colony.

Meanwhile, Norman Reedus recently revealed that he has no plans to leave the AMC show any time soon.

“I started the show, and I’d just like to bookend the show,” he told this week.

The Walking Dead continues Sunday on AMC in the US, and Monday at 9pm on FOX.

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