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Line of Duty season 5 spoilers DS Steve Arnott to die as new trailer teases balaclava man? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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DS Arnott (played by Martin Compston) will be one again joined by his colleagues DS Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) and Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) when the hit drama series returns later this year.

However, they will also be joined by some new faces as a new criminal adversary in the shape of John Corbett (Stephen Graham) joins the ranks for the fifth series of the hugely popular drama penned by Bodyguard creator Jed Mercurio, 53.

It seems the fifth instalment won’t disappoint fans after a two year wait for the detective's return to the small screen, as a new trailer for the show teases an explosive and dramatic start to the series.

The trailer begins will an almighty showdown as a police transport vehicle is highjacked by a number of vigilantes all wearing balaclavas, leaving three officers fatally wounded and the AC-12 team believe someone on the inside could have been an adversary to the attack.

With fingers being pointed at members of their own team, it seems their latest recruit and new criminal adversary could be behind the attack as after the scenes of the dramatic shooting, Corbett is seen removing a balaclava, telling unidentified characters: “Job done, nice work lads.”

Back at the AC-12 offices, Hastings is seen speaking with his colleagues as he tells them: “We can get to the root of anything… For too long the extent of police corruption’s been covered up,” referring to the possibility one of them is behind the attack.

However, it could seem an old face is about to return as the trailer also teases the comeback of H as DS Arnott is told by a fellow police officer: “There’s a code name, didn’t think it was real. H?” which leaves the detective rocked to the core.

At the end of the last series, it was believed H had been killed after DI Matthew Dot Cottan (Craig Parkinson) was exposed as a corrupt senior police officer, with the concluding episode seeing Hastings believe Dot was behind the mysterious acts of vengeance.

In trying to cover up his shock the villain could still be at large, DS Arnott is seen telling the officer: “There’s no secrets in AC-12,” but he and the viewers know the reality is very different.

Fleming then adds as the trailer continues: “This is a chance to catch the highest-level corrupt officers and the top man,” with Arnott telling her: “Whatever it takes, I’m in.”

However, could his incentive to be thrown into the hot seat seem him become the balaclava man’s next unwilling victim as the trailer also shows the DI held at gunpoint as the situation reaches fever pitch?

Viewers will have to see if DS Arnott meets a grisly end or if his colleagues at AC-12 can do enough to ensure he is safe and well before the series concludes in the culminating weeks.

, 45, said: “It's an honour to have been asked to be part of the Line Of Duty team.

“I’m especially looking forward to working with Martin Compston and Vicky McClure again,” Stephen continued.

Also joining the show this series is actress Rochenda Sandall who will player newcomer Lisa McQueen alongside Stephen’s villainous character.

Speaking on her inclusion on the show, Rochenda added: “I am honoured to be working with such a talented team of people, and to be working side-by-side with Stephen Graham, who I have watched and admired onscreen since I was young.”

Jed also spoke out about the new series, revealing: “After the hysteria surrounding Bodyguard, it's a relief to be back in the day job.

“I'm delighted to be working with the old gang and welcoming our brilliant newcomers led by Stephen Graham and Rochenda Sandall."

The new series has been filmed in Belfast and will consist of six one hour-long episodes sure to keep viewers on their toes.

More than 10 million tuned in to watch the dramatic climax of the season four, so viewers are sure to watch in their millions once more to see if DS Arnott makes it out the season alive.

returns to One later this year.

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