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ITV This Morning: Ruth Langsford issues warning to Eamonn Holmes | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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During a segment about strengthening your core and relieving back pain, offered to help demonstrate how to perform a plank on .

She opted to demonstrate on the pink mat behind Faisal, who had come into the studio for the segment.

He instructed Ruth: “We’re gonna have our hands directly underneath our shoulders and we’re going to squeeze our butt cheeks and have a nice straight.”

Following his guidance, Ruth went to perform the move and Eamonn Holmes asked: “Could we have a camera behind for the butt cheek squeeze?”

“Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare!” warned Ruth looking up at the camera operators.

Faisal skipped over the moment, telling the host: “So Ruth, you’re performing the perfect plank but we could also regress this if you went to a lower plank.

“Go down onto your elbows… you want to focus on your shoulders, elbows and hips.”

Ruth replied: “I’m literally quivering.”

Later, as Ruth performed another move to help strengthen her core, she wasn’t happy with one of the shots taken.

“That’s not a nice camera shot is it?” she remarked.

“Who was that? Number four? You are so in trouble.”

Also on today’s Sunday edition of This Morning, Ruth and Eamonn tried their hand at making a lemon drizzle cake.

The pair were joined by Juliet Sear to make the delicious treat for any guests who may be stopping by.

Earlier this week, .

Discussing Oscar nominated film A Star Is Born, she became confused by Bradley Cooper and The Chase host.

“Everybody’s been talking about Lady Gaga and Bradley Walsh at the moment,” Ruth remarked.

She carried on until entertainment reporter Sam chipped in to correct her.

“Cooper, of course. I’m so sorry,” Ruth replied sheepishly.

However, husband Eamonn found the moment amusing as he imagined Bradley Walsh in the role instead of Bradley Cooper.

This Morning airs weekdays and Sunday on ITV at 10.30am.

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