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Coronation Street cast: Gareth Berliner hospitalised with sepsis | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

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The actor, who suffers from Crohn’s disease, shared the news with his 2,300 Instagram followers as he uploaded a picture from his hospital bed. “Well I was brought into hospital by ambulance about 1a.m owing to some amount of sepsis with terrible Rygors while hooked up and infusing Saline,” he wrote. “It wasn't even pumping that fast. Vomiting and upset gut and a temp of 39. My levels of neauraphil are below 1, .98 to be precise and 36 hours earlier they had been at 9,” the Coronation Street star continued.

“3 is the bottom of that scale and I'm on .98 . It means my already weakened immune system is even weaker.

“So I've been put in other words I have a room to myself… I'm happy with that…” he added lightheartedly.

Gareth, who has previously spoken out about having to take nutritional feel into his blood via a tube in his chest, told The Mirror about his condition, saying: “Having sepsis of any kind is part and parcel of living with Total Parenteral Nutrition and just one of those things that happens from time to time.

“I’ve had TPN as a result of short gut syndrome for 19 years.”

The actor and comedian said he was “okay today” and that medics are investigating what caused the issue on this occasion.

“I don’t have a temperature any ore and am now being infused with some strong antibiotics to fight whatever bug is messing with my immune system,” he continued.

Gareth added that he sees “no reason to get into PJs and give up,” adding that he is hoping to get healthy and back to work, quipping: “Those jokes won’t tell themselves.”

He told the publication he shared the post on Instagram to encourage people with similar conditions to look at his page and “maybe have them realise that my life isn’t over because of my disability/health it’s just part of it”.

He also insisted he had a “positive mental attitude” to his condition and said he’ll be using his time in hospital to finish writing his new stand-up show for Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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