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Confirm or Deny: Danny DeVito

Category: Fashion & Style,Lifestyle

Maureen Dowd: Matilda was actually a spoiled brat.

Danny DeVito: Deny.

It’s not always sunny in Philadelphia.

I vehemently deny that.

The best cheese steak in Philly is Tony Luke’s.

O.K., yes, confirm.

You serve rum ham at Christmas?

I serve rum ham whenever I can.

Michelle Pfeiffer is a better Catwoman than Anne Hathaway.

[Mr. DeVito starts to nod but then decides he’d better not wade into a Catwoman catfight and stops.]

Michael Keaton’s Batman could win in a fight against Val Kilmer’s Batman but not against Christian Bale’s Batman.

I think absolutely.

That was an actual cold dead fish you ate as the Penguin.

Yes, that was actually a baby bluefish. Dead fish. And they kept it cold for me because they are sweet.

Your children had to save your life recently when you got caught in the undertow when you went to pee in the sea in Costa Rica.

That’s true. Confirm.

As a producer of “Pulp Fiction,” you actually know what was inside Marsellus Wallace’s briefcase.

No. I don’t know.

Never mind Momma. You’d like to throw Trump from the train.

If given the chance.

You’ve never been bored.

No. Never.

You have your own holiday in New Jersey.

Oh, I was given my name day. The 17th of November. On that day, you do anything that makes you feel great, from morning to night.

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