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MasterChef 2019 Contestants leave viewers puzzled after presenting hosts with micro herbs | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Gregg, 54, and John, 53, were on hand to set the contestants their first task of the series, asking them to create a dish from ingredients supplied to them from the pantry.

Given 10 minutes to make their decision, the contestants took on the task with a multitude of dishes from various countries to prepare for the judges.

However, not all the dishes went down well with Gregg and John, and a number of budding chefs bowed out at the first hurdle.

It wasn’t just the judges who failed to be blown away, as viewers were also quick to comment on the contestants' choice to use ‘micro-herbs’ to try and decorate their dishes.

Although not uncommon to use the herbs, viewers were stunned to see a number of the contestants decide to use the ingredients.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer wrote: “What's with all these Micro foods & herbs, get some proper food #MasterChef.”

Another questioned: “Micro basil? What was ever wrong with regular size basil? #masterchef.”

Continuing the flow on confusion, a third added: “What the f*** is MICRO BASIL? #MasterChef,” whilst a fourth stated: “#MasterChef over powering micro basil????”

A fifth remarked: “Oooft and we have the MICRO RED AMARANTH making another appearance. This is the year of micro food. #MasterChef.”

However, a sixth enthused: “Everyone’s using microherbs. Obviously this year’s thing. #masterchef.”

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