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ITV Good Morning Britain Kate Garraway slams naked Brexit remainer Victoria Bateman | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Good Morning Britain invited Victoria Bateman on to the ITV show for a Brexit debate.

The economist and academic recently hit headlines during her chat with John Humphries on BBC Radio 4’s Today Show when she stripped off for a political message.

And today, she spoke to Richard Madeley and Kate Garraway about why she chose the shocking method to get her political message out - all while being completely naked.

Madeley started off by clarifying why their screen was blurred, saying: “We have blurred the image to protect your modesty and everyone at home - even though you don’t mind.”

Bateman’s chest read, “Brexit leaves Britain naked”, but of course, the hosts had to clarify that as the image was not clear.

Garraway and Madeley wondered why the academic chooses to share her message in such a shocking way.

Bateman explained: “As an economist, I’m used to using words and equations and in the run-up to the referendum, I must have penned loads of words. 

“When it comes to Brexit, I’m effected by much more than words alone.”

Madeley didn’t seem too bothered by the nudity, admitting he didn’t find it too bad.

But Garraway felt differently, telling Bateman: “I think it is a little bit shocking. 

“We don’t see naked people who aren’t close to us very often.”

Furthermore, it seemed Garraway had an issue with the nudity and continued to say she was an “exhibitionist”. 

Bateman defended: “I am a woman who is in control of my own body and happy to use my body to share an important message.

“Why should I as a woman only be allowed to use my body for sex and babies?”

Garraway snapped back: “It is quite distracting.

“Women have fought for a long time for their words to be heard and you’re conflicting them now.”

Bateman accepted her argument, but told Garraway she believes the nudity is required following on from the increasing power of images and fashion.

The economist continued: “If you see me on a day I’m not protesting, I dress quite modestly. 

“I have no problem at all with nudity and I think we should be free to do what we want.”

Meanwhile, viewers weren’t happy with how the debate went.

Many flocked to Twitter in outrage over what they were seeing.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6am. 

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