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Friends from College may have just dropped its second season on Netflix on Friday (January 11), but already fans of the comedy are wondering whether there will be another series. Netflix has not confirmed Friends from College season three yet but is likely to announce another season if there is one in the next month or so. Friends from College ended with some major baby drama which the showrunners will surely want to explore in another series on Netflix.

Will there be another season of Friends from College?

So far, there have been no plans revealed for Friends from College season three.

Netflix announced the second season of Friends from College in August 2017, a month after the first series had been released by the streaming service.

If Friends from College season three follows the same timeline, we can expect an announcement from Netflix sometime in mid-February.

Despite mixed reviews from the critics who watched it, Friends from College was renewed for a second season, so the show is likely to have strong streaming numbers.


The first season has a 24 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and the reviews for season two so far have been mixed.

However, Indiewire said of the most recent series of Friends from College, “consider it the “most improved” show of 2019, even if the year is still young,” which is a good sign for the show.

However, Netflix does not release viewing figures for its shows, so we will have to wait and see whether Friends from College is still popular enough to get a third series.

Friends from College fans will have to stay tuned for an announcement from Netflix about another series and we will update this article if and when the streaming service posts one.


What will happen in Friends from College season 3?

WARNING: The following section contains spoilers for Friends from College

If Friends from College season three gets the green light, it will likely see Lisa (Cobie Smulders) and Ethan Turner (Keegan-Michael Key) re-evaluating their relationship after her pregnancy.

Despite breaking up after Lisa discovered Ethan’s lengthy affair with Sam (Annie Parisse), the pair had sex in a storage unit in Friends from College season two.

The pair had been unable to get pregnant while together, so this accidental pregnancy served to bring the estranged couple back together.

Friends from College season two ended with the couple looking at Lisa’s ultrasound scan.

As such, season three may have Lisa pregnant, with her giving birth in the finale as has happened in countless sitcoms.

Alternatively, Friends from College season three may choose to do a time jump to after the baby is born and look at how this affects the love-triangle of Lisa, Ethan and Sam.

Either way, Ethan and Sam will have to think about their relationship again after they chose to “go official” after the gang found out about their affair.

In the finale, Sam returned to her husband Jon (Gregg Germann) and Friends from College season three could see them giving their marriage another go.

Friends from College seasons 1-2 are streaming on Netflix now

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