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The Chase: Viewers in hysterics over cheeky Uranus question | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Today’s instalment of The Chase was hosted as usual by Bradley Walsh.

The ITV quiz saw four contestants step up to face the Chaser, Jenny Ryan, but the final player to step up got an unusual question to answer in his head-to-head.

Bradley asked contestant Eli: “Uranus is thought to smell like what?” with possible answers being fresh flowers, rotten eggs or new cars.

The answer was rotten eggs, but those watching at home were stunned by the phrasing of the question.

“When the question setters have a couple of sly pints at lunchtime #TheChase.” one joked on Twitter.

Another wrote: “Questions on the chase are getting a bit weird. I’d vote A though.”

“‘Uranus is thought to smell like what?’ Best question of the century #TheChase,” a third stated.

A fourth chimed in: “That's enough TV for today #thechase.”

“Casually eating my dinner watching the chase and “Uranus has what smell” actually deed #TheChase @BradleyWalsh @thechaseitv @ITV,” a fifth shared.

“Wow I'm surprised Bradley hasn't lost his head laughing with the Uranus question ! #thechase,” a sixth exclaimed.

Eli answered the question correctly and sailed through to the Final Chase.

Unfortunately for Eli and the other two contestants who made it through to the last round, they didn’t manage to beat the Vixen.

Earlier in the programme, one contestant, Sam, told Bradley that he was a student at Oxford University where he studies history.

Sam had earned £2,000 in his cash builder but ended up plumping for the lower off of £1,000.

When he went to face Jenny in his head-to-head, he got one key question wrong regarding the history of American presidents.

Viewers couldn’t believe he had got a question wrong in the field which he is studying and took to Twitter to comment.

“History student getting history question wrong ... #TheChase,” one noted.

A second declared: “Should have known that as a history student. #thechase.”

“Where did this bloke say he's studying History ! Absolute Shambles ! #thechase,” a third exclaimed.

A fourth questioned: “Isn’t he studying history? #TheChase.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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