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Silent Witness BLUNDER: Fans DISTRACTED by Luther gaffe | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Silent Witness this evening was back on BBC One, and it saw the team having to track down a new murderer.

The team of Forensic Pathologists were in a rather bad spot after a mistake was made during the investigation.

Thomas Chamberlain (played by Richard Lintern) was being made the scapegoat, yet the Lyell unit carries on regardless.

They’re trying to gather crucial evidence which the team’s hoping will find the killer.

Their investigation leads them to an empty warehouse. However, fans were somewhat distracted by this location.

It turns out that the location had been used on another BBC One crime show, Luther, just the other week.

A number of these viewers took to social media to comment on the gaffe.

One fan wrote: “Is the warehouse they are searching in #SilentWitness the same one that was used in #luther.”

Another said: “How many abandon buildings is there in England I mean...use the same one here and for Luther.”(sic)

One more viewer asked: “That warehouse in #SilentWitness looks like the one from #Luther at the weekend. Anyone else think so?”

The police arrived to arrest the suspect, Nick Marlow (Andrew Knott), and immediately handcuffed him as he arrived back at his home.

One viewer tweeted: “38:40 in tonights #SilentWitness Marlow handcuffed by officers - hands behind back, again seen at 38:45.

“38:55 Marlow seen in the back of police car with hands-free to rub face... Another continuity error from @BBCOne Error for @EmiliaFox to mention - Still love the show!!”

Another shared: “Oops continuity error, arrest made, handcuffs put on with hands behind back and Marlow in back of the car, he then is seen to raise his hand to his face. Still, love #SilentWitness.”

Silent Witness continues next Monday on BBC One at 9pm.

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