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Pointless Celebrities: Richard Osmond reveals Joel Dommett used to work on show | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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BBC Pointless Celebrities was back with another episode of the iconic quiz show and this time round hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman were joined by comedians as the guests. 

After all four couples had introduced themselves, Richard revealed a surprising behind the scenes secret about the show and one celebrity in particular. 

“I’m really looking forward to this one, what a line up!” Richard began and then added: “some of my favourite stand-up comics here.

“Not many of the people have been on the show before. Isy’s been on before, Elly’s been on before, neither of them have been through to a final. 

“Joel [Dommett] has never been on before but we welcome him back,” he remarked. 

Richard then explained how “in the very early days of Pointless, Joel was one of the warm-up artists, who would look after the audience”. 

“He’s family,” Alexander interjected, to which his co-host agreed: “He is family”. 

“Genuinely lovely to have you back, we’re all incredibly proud of everything you’ve done, it won’t do you any good on the show!” Richard joked. 

When it came to Joel and team partner James Acaster’s turn to guess the correct pointless answer, Joel spoke about his former job a little more. 

“Joel! Welcome back,” Alexander said and he replied: “I’m so excited to be here.” 

And then the hosts went on to reminisce about the times Joel worked on the show, commenting on how his appearance has changed. 

“When you worked on the show, you didn’t have as many tattoos,” Alexander pointed out. 

“Also, your teeth were a normal colour back then!” Richard added which received a round of laughs from the audience.

“Absolutely!” Joel remarked. “I’ve got pointless tattooed across my shoulders, I loved it so much!

“I remember the days. I used to come out here, before the show and and be like ‘ok, everyone has to be like ‘oooooh’ when it goes down’ and you’re a good audience today, you’re good ‘ooohers’”. 

“He’s still got it,” Alexander commented and Richard added: “He hasn’t lost it!” 

However, Joel and James weren’t very successful on the show, especially when they both answered an incorrect answer twice and scored 200 points. 

Alongside that, in a tense round, James answered “chocolate” as the ingredient found in Spaghetti Bolognese. 

But he wasn’t convinced it was a pointless answer and was seen pacing around the podium, which he then proceed to break. 

Pointless Celebrities returns next Saturday at 6.10pm on BBC One. 

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