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Large Explosion in Afghan Capital Kills Four

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KABUL, Afghanistan — A bomb-laden vehicle detonated in a large explosion heard across Kabul late on Monday, and officials said the blast killed at least four people and wounded 90.

The vehicle blew up in the eastern part of the Afghanistan capital, home to government offices, the country’s elections commission, housing for foreign security contractors and agencies of the large United Nations mission.

The exact target was not clear. Witnesses and officials suggested the vehicle had detonated at a roundabout, an indication the blast occurred before the actual target had been reached.

Najib Danish, a spokesman for Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry, said three of the dead were Afghan security personnel and one was a civilian.

“From the 90 wounded, 23 are children and 12 are women,” he said. “Dozens of residential buildings have been damaged in the area.”

As of late Monday there was no claim of responsibility.

While the number of bombings in the Afghan capital has fallen in recent months compared to a spate over the summer, militants have continued to infiltrate some of the most guarded parts of the capital.

Late in December, a squad of suicide bombers entered a government complex at the heart of the city, and killed at least 43 people in a siege lasting several hours.

In November, militants attacked the security firm G4S. At least four militants penetrated the company’s highly guarded compound after a car bombing blasted open an entry. At least six Afghans and a British citizen were killed and 27 were wounded.

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