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Kelly Brook weight loss: Star unveils HUGE change after SlimFast diet plan

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From gaining confidence to feeling healthier, there are a number of benefits slimmers can encounter after losing weight. And, while Kelly Brook wasn’t quite overweight, she has revealed that she was edging towards the top end of her healthy BMI - prompting her to want to shift some pounds. Reflecting on her new trimmer figure, the 39-year-old has revealed she feels a lot better for it. And, as well as having more energy, the model explained that she has discovered a “new outlook” on her life too.

Speaking exclusively to last month, Kelly revealed she had noticed a change in herself.

“I feel so much better, energy-wise,” she said.

The star went on to reveal that her decision to team up with SlimFast had been great timing - as she was going to begin a new job very soon.

And, while she kept her upcoming project under wraps, Kelly revealed the weight loss had not only impacted on her figure - but also changed her mindset.

“I’m starting a new job in the New Year which I’m really excited about, and I feel like SlimFast has worked parallel with that,” she explained, adding: “I feel like this new job is starting, and I’m starting with a new body, a new feeling, a new outlook on how I’m going to approach my lifestyle, my fitness, my food, everything.

“It’s just a really positive way to hit 40.”

Clearly delighted by her weight loss results, Kelly continued: “New job, new body, new outlook. It’s just perfect timing.”

Kelly also opened up about what she considered to be the best way to maintain a slim physique.

Rather than promoting fast weight loss, she advised taking things slowly and steadily.

Likening a successful weight loss journey to the landing of an aeroplane, she warned against a “crash” diet plan.

“I see weight loss like landing a plane, you don’t crash land. You want to do it gradually,” the TV star and radio presenter told

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