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Here’s The New Show You Should Watch Right Now

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How excited should you be? I think this show is easy to fall for. The writing accomplishes so much in just half-hour episodes. Although it’s best in its comedic moments, this show has gotten me to deeply care about the characters and the drama of their ups and downs. Amid the jokes, “You’re the Worst” hasn’t hesitated to dive deep into conversations about depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, debt and other pitfalls of contemporary adult life. While getting you to laugh along with variously crass one-liners from the quick-witted characters, the show has many intellectual surprises that make it truly worth watching. In now typical fashion for the show, the fifth season opener lives up to its ambition, veering into an experimental but delightful rom-com short story that also appears to set up the central anxieties that will remain under the characters’ skin throughout these last few episodes.

Any reasons to be skeptical? This has never been a ratings boon for FXX, and I wonder if the comedy sensibilities of this show ultimately have a niche appeal. This occasionally seems stuck in a middle ground between trying to accomplish intellectual storytelling and a more broad comedy aim, and both fail to please either crowd.

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