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Death in Paradise spoilers Florence Cassell to die as viewers predict shocking death? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Florence Cassell (played by Josephine Jobert) has become a favourable character with Death in Paradise viewers as the savvy Detective Sergeant.

However, next week her life could be in peril as the team investigate the murder of a festival queen who is taking to the stage in the fishing communities MahiMahi celebrations.

The preview shows the crowd gathering to welcome the queen, however, DI Jack Mooney (Ardal O’Hanlon) notices something more sinister at work.

With the drama’s teaser taking a dark turn with snap shots of some of the regular characters looking stunned by some unexpected news, viewers believe the story could be the last for Florence.

Taking to social media after the short clip tried, viewers voiced their fear and concern for Florence’s future on the drama.

One viewer wrote: “Hold on is Florence killed next week?! Did Ruby do it?! #DeathInParadise.”

Another added: “They'd better not be fridging Florence in #deathinparadise.”

A third remarked: “@Josie_official seeing the teaser for next week...Patrice better not turn out to be horrible to Florence!!!#DeathInParadise,” referring to the characters beloved boyfriend.

“Was that signalling the death of Florence?!?! #Deathinparadise,” a fourth asked.

Whilst a fifth predicted: “DeathInParadise weddings are never happy on the tv and I don’t think this one will be the exception. Florence is gonna die guys.”


Continuing the outpour of concern, a sixth viewer wrote: “#deathinparadise I get the feeling its ta ta Florence next week as its a two parter, its going to be emotional me thinks …”

A seventh tried to remain optimistic for Florence, adding: “The end of #DeathInParadise was emosh this week and the preview for next week looks really sad/scary/tense!

“It's been a fab series so far, let's hope nothing too bad happens next week for Florence,” they continued.

revealed: “It's a real departure from what Death in Paradise does. It's dark, it's really dark.

“That was the thing on-set, 'Is this too dark? Is this even Death in Paradise?' It's really intense,” she told Digital Spy.

Fans also picked up on the darker tone, with one writing on Twitter: “deathinparadise That was a lil dark for DIP at the end [preview for next week!]”

Another added: “Next weeks preview looked scarier than usual... #DeathInParadise.”

Whilst a viewer commented: “The preview clip for next week's #DeathInParadise has me right on edge.”

This week’s instalment saw Jack and Florence uncover the killer behind the death of the Paradise Skies Coffee Plantation owner, Benedict Dacre (Robert Portal).

It was revealed his sister Ciss Dacre (Anna Chancellor) committed the murder to ensure her son Owen Dacre (Louis Greatorex) inherited the plantation from his uncle.

Death in Paradise continues Thursday at 9pm on One.

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