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struggled to contain her emotions in the first instalment of the ’s The Greatest Dancer when Andrew took to the stage to audition.

He put on an incredible performance that had both the dance captains, also consisting of Matthew Morrison and Oti Mabus, and the audience, on their feet.

Andrew managed to impress 75 per cent of the audience meaning he progressed to the next stage of the competition.

He was left speechless by the audience’s reaction and Cheryl broke down in tears as she praised his performance.

Wiping away tears she told the dancer: “Yes Andrew!

“I just feel really moved by the whole thing, that was amazing.

“To watch you and to see your excitement and to see how much you thrive in front of an audience is such a special moment.”

The Love Made Me Do It hitmaker continued: “You should be really proud of yourself.

“You clearly need to be doing this more, it does something to your should, you’re in your element.”

Meanwhile, Matthew added: “You did it buddy, that was absolutely incredible.

“I just have to say, I think you are going to inspire a lot of people with that performance you gave us today.”

Oti continued: “Andrew, you are amazing. I think you are a true showman.

“Once the mirrors opened, you were a whole difference person.”

When asked how he felt, Andrew simply replied: “Fantastic.”

As Andrew was praised by the dance captains, his mum and best friend Tom rushed onto the stage to congratulate him.

“I’m beyond proud, he just comes to life with dance it’s his absolute passion,” his mum explained.

Before he took to the stage, his mum spoke about her son’s love for dancing in a pre-recorded message.

“He had a natural rhythm, it made him feel joyful and started him on his love of dance,” she said.

“Dance has helped Andrew’s confidence and self-esteem.”

The Greatest Dancer continues on BBC One tonight at 8.10pm. 

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