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Bradley Walsh and his son, Barney Walsh, are travelling across the United States in an adorable show for ITV. 

Breaking Dad has seen the pair team up in a camper-van and experience the best - and potentially unknown - sights in America. 

This evening, Bradley and Barney went on the famous Route 66 in a bid to get to Pheonix, Arizona. 

There, they were going to try out cowboy school, but before that, there was time for a little bit of fun. 

On their way, they stopped off at Lake Havasu City in Arizona.

While there, they discovered an exact copy of London Bridge.

The impressive structure was built in the 1830s on the River Thames in the UK’s capital. 

But in 1967, it was dismantled brick-by-brick and transported to Lake Havasu when it was purchased by Robert P. McCulloch.

Bradley had heard of the bridge before, and tried to inform Barney of its history.

He tried to claim the buyer thought he was purchasing Tower Bridge, which famously sits next to London Bridge on the Thames.

But that is merely a misconception, and host Alexander Armstrong was quick to point it out.

Speaking over the top of Bradley and Barney, the Pointless host said of his rival from The Chase: “Not quite a Pointless answer, but not far from it.”

Meanwhile, Bradley’s little blunder didn’t detract from the episode for too long and fans were loving tonight’s instalment.

One said: “Loving #BreakingDad - Bradders you’re a legend and Barney’s not bad Looks like you had a blast.

"What wonderful memories you’ve made together - fantastic!”

Another added: “Watched #breakingdad with #Bradleywalsh. Quite enjoyed it. Lol.”

A third shared: “Another hilarious episode of #BreakingDad  love @BradleyWalsh and Barney lol proper father and son relationship.”

Another commented: “Another great and fun episode of #BreakingDad with Bradley Walsh and his son Barney.”

Last week, fans thought Bradley Walsh had cheated during a plane jump.

Breaking Dad continues next Wednesday on ITV at 8pm. 

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