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The UK can expect temperatures to rise yet then drop this week as Carol Kirkwood, 56, stated in the BBC Breakfast weather forecast this morning.

Although many parts of the country will see temperatures rise slightly today, Carol revealed that temperatures will get cold again and that parts of Scotland will see snow thanks to the arrival of a cold weather front.

Carol began: “This morning, well, it’s a chilly start for some of us. There’s even some snow showers across the north east of Scotland.”

The weather presenter continued: “But for this week, we’re starting off on a cooler note, then it’ll turn milder, and it’s going to turn colder once again.

“What we have this morning is a fair bit of cloud across parts of England and Wales.

“That will tend to break and then some sunshine will come through.

“And we also have some showers coming in with a north-westerly wind, and Merseyside, Cheshire, down the west coast of England as well."

It will be a largely cloudy day in Northern Ireland and Scotland and some snowy spells in the North Isles will start to die off.

“And then a weather front coming in from the west will introduce some thicker cloud and patchy rain and drizzle.

“Temperatures down on what they were yesterday, but some of us still seeing double figures.”

Carol went on to explain how there was what she referred to as a “wave front’ coming in which was going to bring some heavy rain with it.

She also explained how this would cause the temperatures to rise slightly, which should see off any potential morning frost.

“So, as we start the day tomorrow, here is our waving weather front. You can see, it doesn’t really move anywhere too quickly, remains in the north of Scotland. The isobar’s telling you that it’s going to be a breezy day.

Carol added how there was going to be some heavy rainfall in parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Yet, the weather presenter revealed that in England and Wales were could be “chasing the breaks in the cloud”.

She went on to reveal that there would be some sunshine and temperatures would go up slightly, adding: “But, there will be breaks in the cloud, and we will see some sunshine and temperatures up on today, so more of us seeing temperatures into double figures.

However, that would be the end of the higher temperatures as Carol predicted that a cold front would sweep across the United Kingdom.

“So Tuesday into Wednesday morning, our weather front moves away, but then we have a cold front coming south, and behind it, you can see how the air is colder. There’s some snow on the charts.” she said.

“So, as well as seeing rain in Scotland, we’re going to have some snow, but the snow is a hill and a mountain feature.

“Meanwhile, our front continues to trundle on down to the south-east taking its increasingly light rain with it as does so.

“And then, behind it, we are looking at sunny spells developing with just a few showers,” The weather presenter finished.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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