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BBC UK weather forecast: Temperature drops to minus 4 in Devon as windy weather continues | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Speaking on today, meteorologist warned viewers to wrap up warmly as the cold weather conditions continue.

She said: “Wrap up warmly as it is a cold start to the day with some frost.

“Temperatures in Devon at the moment are minus four whilst in Shetland they are plus 10. So today it is going to be milder for some of us but not all of us.

“What’s happening is we’ve got a weather front which is sinking south.

“There is the warm front and behind it we are pulling in milder air but it is producing a lot of cloud and also some patchy light rain and drizzle.”

Carol continued: “Breezy in the north, hardly a breath anywhere else.

“As well as being cold and frosty in southern England, it will be a bright start and there will be some sunshine around from the word go.

“Our weather front sinking south though will obliterate that sun though and it will turn cloudier.”

However, Carol noted: “It will brighten up for parts of northern England, southern Scotland and northern Ireland.

“You can see the differences in temperatures, we’re looking at nines, tens but still in the cooler conditions as we move south.”

Looking towards tomorrow’s weather forecast, Carol explained it won’t be as cold in the morning.

“It’s not going to be as cold a night as the one just gone and it will be a breezy night so we won’t have any problems with frost,” she stated.

“First thing tomorrow we still have the dregs of our weather front in the south of England to clear, taking the drizzle with it.

“Then behind it tomorrow some brighter skies with a bit more sunshine than today although there will still be a fair bit of cloud in the west.”

Adding to the good news, Carol shared: “It’s not going to be as windy either so it’s going to feel better and ahead of this weather front coming our way it’s going to be quite cloudy with some showers and some drizzle across western Scotland.

“But you will notice the difference in the temperatures. The milder air getting all the way down into the Channel Islands.”

Carol continued, explaining the weather this weekend would be quite varied.

“For the weekend, it is going to turn milder, for some of us even milder than Friday,” she commented.

“It will be windy again, cloudy as well, we’re almost chasing the breaks in the cloud and there will be some radiant times.”

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