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Alan Carr HORRIFIED by Michael McIntyre's Jamie Redknapp prank | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Michael McIntyre’s Big Show kicked off its new episode this evening and hosted Alan Carr as well as his husband Paul Drayton.

In standard Michael McIntyre fashion, he claimed the comedian’s phone and induced him into the harrowing segment of Send To All.

During the segment Michael took Alan’s phone and sent everyone in his phonebook a text.

Although this sounds pretty scary, Michael went easy on Alan and sent everyone a text regarding his two dogs.

Within the text he lied that the dogs would be getting married - complete with a church ceremony, suits, wedding bells, and Adele officiating the ceremony.

The recipient of the text was also asked to walk the canines down the aisle.

Many of Alan’s contacts found the text quite funny, however Jamie Redknapp was quick to reply with some concerns.

Michael read out the reply from Jamie, which said: “‘Snoop Doggy Dogg is there - count me in Al!

“‘Two thumbs-up emojis. Do I really have to walk the dog in, mate?

“‘To be honest, Adele is proper A-list - [you] might need an upgrade from me.’”

Michael instantly thought of a perfect response as he went on to announce: “I’ll text him back: ’Is your dad available?’”

Both Alan, Paul, and Michael found the response hysterical before the host actually wrote out the reply.

“‘Sorry Jamie,’” he dictated. “‘Is your dad free?’”

But Alan instantly jumped up and shouted: “No!

“You’re not sending that?! No no no!”

Michael put his fears to rest as he answered: “No!” before mouthing “I am!” to the camera.

That wasn’t the only humiliating part of the prank for Alan, however.

This Morning host Phillip Schofield also responded to “Alan’s” text.

He exclaimed: “‘Why don’t we hold the wedding in Hyde Park?

“‘Then you can drink tequila and fall headfirst into the serpentine, dot dot dot, again!’”

Michael McIntyre’s Big Show is available on BBC iPlayer.

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