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Hillary Clinton Telling Stories With 'Bad Lip Reading' Is Much-Needed Levity

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In a world that’s been very serious lately, this is a nice break.

In this video “Hillary Stories” from the folks at Bad Lip Reading, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s words are lighthearted and silly ― and, in fact, not hers! But these made-up stories about forks, swiping left and a mysterious sounding “Peru Incident” will still ring true with your funny bone.

She’s got jokes IRL, too. Clinton appeared on “The Late Show” last week and had some very strong words regarding President Donald Trump’s fitness to serve. Discussing chronicled in Bob Woodward’s book Fear: Trump in the White House, she joked with host Stephen Colbert that she “never had to steal a treaty” off Obama’s desk to keep him from signing it.

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