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Watch live: 2018 Election Day

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Election Day is here in one of the most divisive and closely watched midterms in recent memory. Data from the final polls on the 2018 election are also in. Overall, the numbers point to the same likely outcome that polls have indicated for months: that despite a strong economy with Republicans in control of Capitol Hill and the White House, Democrats are favored on generic ballots without actual candidates. But the Democratic lead has tightened over a few months ago. Democrats warn that Tuesday's midterm elections will undermine the future of America's democracy unless President Trump's authoritarian instincts are curtailed. Republicans argue that the nation's sovereignty is at risk if Democrats prevail. "Fear is the dominant issue, bar none," said Jeffrey Engel, director of the Center for Presidential History at Southern Methodist University. USA Today will provide live Election Day coverage from cities across the United States, highlighting the most important House, Senate and Gubernatorial races that will help determine the direction of the country. For complete coverage visit

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