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Trump Denies Business Dealings With Russia. His Former Lawyer Contradicts Him.

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“What do I have to do with Russia? You know the closest I came to Russia, I bought a house a number of years ago in Palm Beach, Fla.,” Mr. Trump said at a news conference on July 27, 2016, referring to a mansion he sold to a Russian businessman for $95 million in 2008.

Mr. Trump also repeatedly sought business opportunities in Russia over three decades.

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What the charges say

COHEN did recall that in or around January 2016, COHEN received a response from the office of Russian Official 1, the Press Secretary for the President of Russia, and spoke to a member of that office about the Moscow Project.

What Mr. Trump Said

Mr. Cohen admitted that he called the assistant to the Russian president’s spokesman, at a Moscow-based phone number, and spoke with her about the proposed tower.

Mr. Trump, however, has said at least six times that nobody on his campaign spoke to any Russians. He also has contradicted himself on that point, by describing aides who have admitted to having contact with Russians as “low level” or only briefly employed.

Asked by a reporter on Feb. 16, 2017, whether he was aware if anyone who advised his campaign had contacts with Russia during the campaign, Mr. Trump said his former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, “obviously was dealing.”

But other than Mr. Flynn, “no, no, nobody that I know of,” Mr. Trump answered.

“I have nothing to do with Russia,” he said. “To the best of my knowledge, no person that I deal with does.”

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