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Trevor Noah Netflix special 2018 release date: When is Trevor Noah Son of Patricia out? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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When is Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia out on Netflix?

Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia will be released on Tuesday, November 20 on Netflix.

The show will be released at midnight in California as this is where Netflix’s HQ is based.

Due to the time difference, UK comedy fans will be able to watch the show from 8am on Tuesday morning.

You can sign up to a month free trial of Netflix to watch Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia. Afterwards, you are able to subscribe to Netflix for £7.99 per month.

Trevor Noah’s first Netflix stand-up special called Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark is available to watch on Netflix now.

Who is Trevor Noah?

Trevor Noah is a South African comedian.

He is also a respected writer, producer, political commentator, actor and TV host.

Noah is best known for hosting The Daily Show on Comedy Central.

He succeeded long-time host Jon Stewart in 2015 and he will remain as the host of the show until 2022 at the earliest.

Noah is an award-winning comedian and Time magazine named him in the Top 100 most influential people in the world this year.

Noah was the first South African stand-up comedian to appear on The Tonight Show and the Late Show with David Letterman.

What is Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia about?

The official Netflix synopsis reads: “Trevor Noah gets out from behind the “Daily Show” desk and takes the stage for a stand-up special that touches on racism, immigration, camping and more.”

Noah is known for his satirical, observational and black comedy.

His influences include Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle.

Is there a trailer for Trevor Noah: Son of Patrica?

No, not yet.

However, there is a video he released on his Twitter and Instagram page announcing the premiere date of Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia.

He captioned the video: “My new standup special “Son Of Patricia” premieres Nov 20th on @NetflixIsAJoke! #TrevorNoah #SonOfPatricia #Netflix.”

He is joined by a baby dressed in a chicken suit who he jokes he found on craigslist.

He announces the release date as November 20 and confirms the shows name as Son of Patricia.

Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia drops on Netflix on Thursday, November 20

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