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WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Riverdale season three episode four, ‘The Midnight Club’.

The latest instalment of Riverdale took viewers back in time, as the adults were seen as school children in the 80s/early 90s.

It was this episode, titled The Midnight Club which exposed a host of secrets and teased the identity of the Gargoyle King.

The drama unfolded when Alice (Mädchen Amick), FP, Fred, Penelope, Sierra and Hermione wounded up in detention together in their junior year.

In a teacher’s desk they found the dreaded Gryphons and Gargoyles game and quickly became addicted, before Hiram, Marty Mantle, and Daryl Doiley joined them.

One night when they were playing the fixture at school, Hiram convinced everybody but pregnant Alice to take a drug called Fizzle Rocks, which made them all go wild.

As the others ran riot around the school, Alice rushed into the bathroom to throw up and discovered the walls were covered in demonic symbols, while two chalices and a coin sat on the sink.

Spooked by what she had seen, Alice ran out of the bathroom before running into the Gargoyle King and passing Principal Featherhead as she left the school.

A few days after the incident, Principal Featherhead’s decomposed body was found in a school closet with symbols carved on the door and blue tint on his lips.

Later, Alice gathered the group to discuss what happened to the teacher, before coming to the conclusion that they would destroy the game and never talk about it ever again.

But with Betty Cooper (Lil Reinhart) snooping around for information, Alice was forced to tell her youngest daughter what happened all those years ago.

In the episode, Betty hinted to her mother that the person behind the Gargoyle King could be more than one individual.

Now, Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has suggested Betty could be on the right track in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“The mystery of who is beneath that mask is a big one. I’ll just tease there may be more than one person under the mask,” he said.

Discussing the ending, which saw Jughead deeply involved in the game, he added: “[The next episode] really shows how deep in the game and its mythology Jughead is.

“The dramatic question is how deep can Jughead go without losing himself?”

The writer continued: “The answer is he starts to lose himself. I think you really see the promise of that warning fulfilled in the next episode.”

Fans of the show were astonished when they saw how into the board game Jughead was, with one tweeting: “I’m p**sed Jughead started playing Gryphons and Gargoyles.”

While another said: “WTF! Jughead has clearly lost his mind! Jughead is a Cinnamon Roll and must be protected.”(sic)

Riverdale continues next Wednesday on The CW in the US and today on Netflix in the UK.

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