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Pride of Britain Awards 2018: Viewers in tears minutes into ceremony | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

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Pride of Britain Awards aired on ITV tonight with the ceremony honouring those who have shown bravery and courage throughout the year.

Carol Vorderman, 57, was hosting the awards ceremony yet again and she kicked things off by introducing viewers to a heroic teenager.

Joe Rowlands saved his father, Paul, after a terrifying accident at sea.

The father and son went out to the sea just off the coast of Anglesey earlier this year in a kayak and it capsized.

They were both in a life or death situation, and Joe pulled off the impossible.

Paul initially told Joe to sit on top of the upturned kayak and planned to get him back to shore.

However, Paul started to struggle in the water and couldn’t go any further.

Paul then lost consciousness, and Joe jumped back into the water to help his father.

Joe was able to drag Paul back to shore and performed CPR, saving his father’s life in the process.

Viewers then took to Twitter to note the story had left them in floods of tears.

One fan wrote: “I’m in bits already.”

Another said: “Sobbing my eyes out already.”

A third tweeted: “Oh god, 7 minutes into Pride of Britain and am in absolute floods.”

“Pride of Britain making us all emotional,” a fourth viewer wrote.

Another added: “I’m literally 5 minutes into watching Pride of Britain and I’m already crying.”

“My heart’s breaking at the Pride of Britain Awards, what amazing people,” another tweeted.

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